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Thursday, 10 January 2013


when you have
no where to go
when everything you see
just black
anything you touch
it turn to rock
every step you begin
you fall down

what the life expect you to be actually ???

a failure ?
or maybe someone who
never do right thing in their life ???

no !!
please don't say that
such cruel wordy

let say if I turn off the light
what will you do ?
of course I will turn it on
I hate darkness and I don't want
to act like blind people !!

let say if I take you to the Artic zone
and I freeze you with the ice
what will you do ?
surely I will break it off
I don't want to die there
with the little penguins

let say if I push you down
with my strong hand
what will you do then ?
ouch !
no need to think deep
I will resist myself
from falling down
or even if I fall
I will stand up !!

so isn't that answer your question ??
actually it is not about what life 
expect you to be
but it is you !!
any barrier even in a very the very hardcore infront later
you just need to
turn it on (face it)
break it off (begin to solve)
resist (being indulgent)
stand up !!
psst..psst.. you have Allah along your way :)